Sun Power

What does sun brings with him??

What does he takes down??

Every dawn, with his first golden ray

Touching the dark gloomy moist soil,

I feel as if a war I have just passed…

Where I Strived hard to not let my breath pass…

Where I fought hard to not drain out all my blood..

Yes, it took all to maintain my cool….

Yes, it took all to stand poised, where insanity overrules.

But then, those are the rays falling sharp and bright.

Like a sword tearing down every dark.

While turning every wrong a perfect right…….

Once again, heating up the dampened night,

And here I am

Gaining light and once more shining bright….

Ohh yess….

Sun brings hope, love, strength, belief, light, peace and a soul bright.

A rejuvenated body is what he gifts…..

And what does he takes down with him????

A fear starts dwelling in me as I smell the tired sun..

Oh, i get it.

Now again it’s my turn.

So keeping all aside, i agree to abide

A promise by me made to my sun.

And so I am ready from my side..

I have straightened my sword, held it tight.

Come on O darkness, here again, I’ll give you a tough fight…

Till I smell his golden sword…

I will strive hard to not let my breath pass..

I will fight hard to not drain out all my blood..

Every hope, belief, strength, starts evaporating with the drowning Sun……

A fear of dark, loneliness starts dominating my heart…..

But its ok, for it promises to accompany again…

To give back life, it will shine again.

Oh, its sad but its a fact.

He too needs his share of rest.

To perform again, to its best.

And so he decides to fade…

But with the promise to arrive again

With its sharp edge, to tear the darkness veil…

And with this, the wheel turns around..

When darkness prevails, the sun must drown….

For its the fight because of which we cherish what’s called light.


9 thoughts on “Sun Power

  1. Come on darkness.. i ll give u a tough fught… Cherish whats called light..
    Reminded me of a line in hindi-
    “Andhere mere saath badi door tak chale
    jab paayi na mujhme thakaan toh woh khud thak gaye.”

    Liked by 2 people

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