This is Heaven, if you know to live & this becomes your Hell, if you mess it up.

There’s no other Hells or Heavens outside it.

GOOD MORNING to you all.

Visualise our planets revolving and rotating in their axises around our Sun. the picture we all had and still have in our science textbooks.

Can you see any other place called heaven or hell or whatever in it????

The only planet having lives moving in it is Our EARTH. Just think deep.


Our body has our own system, so why to borrow other’s . let’s manufacture our own process.

Let’s talk shit. Why bother to put sense. What are words?? Free invisible combination of alphabets. And we have many of these. We are literates. So, why to put sense? Come on, let’s talk rubbish.

We all are manufacturers. But we don’t go through the manufacturing process. We are lazy enough to work through it and prefer to borrow others outcomes. But, our laziness don’t make us see that this borrowing only leads to chaos’s as every body has their own personalised unique system which is individualy different. This is the major problem in the world. We study a section and make a pattern upon it and makes our judgements and observations. Which , never will work. This life , my friend was never tough. We CHOSE TO MAKE OT TOUGH.

Our body is a system. What we put inside is our own choice. Isn’t it???

But who exercises this choice?? How many of us do??

Very few, very few.

We are always driven by the outside. We move , eat , fart, talk, walk ,dress……….. name it; even we prefer to breathe as per some YouTube videos , which apparently teaches us ‘ how to do it properly?’


Just think 🤔 , we learn to breathe. Inhale n count 1-5, hold 1-5 and exhale 1-5. And then what?? I am out of my breathes.

It sucks. No, NOT THE WORLD.


We don’t exercise our rights even when God has given us the freedom to. The fact is, WE WERE A SLAVE, WE ARE A SLAVE AND WE WILL ALWAYS BE A SLAVE. WE LOVE SLAVERY. WE NEED SOMEONE TO PUT OUR BLAMES ON. THATS IT. SIMPLE.

Because, people are full of shits, and opinions about everything happening in this world excepts themselves. They don’t have a single hint of what’s happening to them n their family. Isn’t it funny.

And we make our world revolve and rotate and twist and jump just because of these senseless so called humans. So, who’s fault is this? Don’t blame them plz, . Accept it, we are equal garbages and our body dustbins.

Is not it??

We have made ourselves dustbins and fill them with others garbages. People here, are full of shits. And when they talk , they vomit garbage, which we take it very seriously and deeply and then our body goes on starting the process of digesting it. Which leads to depression, anxiety, sadness, happiness etc etc.

We have forgotten the privilege God has gifted us and attached with us since we entered in our wombs. We have made ourselves to be governed and ruled by the outside chaos. We have made this Choice for us. This is extremely wrong. Not to others but to ourselves. We are doing great harm to nobody except us.

So, let’s think about it and try to change it.

Let’s worship our bodies from right on. Let us ourself choose what to enter inside it. Because people there are full of shits and they will only give you some of them. Don’t except anything better from a dustbin. And , DON’T TURN YOURSELF INTO ONE.

Your body is blessed with your own separate system. Use it. Generate your own thoughts and beliefs. Don’t choose to feed it with some others shit. Choose. Make your own choices.


Let ignorance be a thing of past, let knowledge be my only sword.

….by knowledge, O mother, I never mean the science and maths and the history or the geography. I have read many, but the memories are temporary. I don’t want to memorise your size or scale. I don’t want to learn your assets or limitations. I don’t need degrees nor those jobs to satisfy some another me. I feel them worthless and boring. I want to invest in me and only me.

This life of mine is a gift from you and I don’t find any reasons to be a little more donkey and serve another donkey or chimpanzee or a tiger or who so ever. Why ?? I don’t want to waste this only once lifetime gift in these silly things.

I don’t desire to enter the race of reaching, I don’t know what??? I sincerely want to lessen this competition, one more donkey from this race , so that one seat in this market is left for another deserving donkey.

… knowledge, mother, I just want to understand and understand very clearly only one single thing. ………,

Your Presence

and my insignificant existence...

Let me never forget who I really am; NOTHING. my absence won’t bother you but your existence is my entire truth. This is my identity till I survive. This race of satisfaction by reaching some insignificant position , for just to be wiped away with the race of time, to be remembered by none at the end, was never my point nor it will ever get my attention. Nirvana is what I desire. And my purpose, to live in this very moment and breathe fully till I die.

My prayer 🙏

I have spent my 34 years without knowing anything, always searching for something, this mind never settled. I have always felt a deep void hole within me, that refused to get fill whenever I tried. I laughed and cried but none of these emotions actually touched my soul to make a real movement within me. I was never whole, still I am not. I tried to try everything that others did, just to find who I am, what’s the thirst that is being so impossible to quench. These 34 years , my body may have been visible to my family or friends (friends honestly I don’t have. I have tried to be there for them, but they couldn’t satisfy me, 😐) , but my soul was everywhere wandering.

I have always struggled to bring my body and my soul together in one place to live and understand the moment ; the present moment.

Till now, I am blank . And when I realise, I have not started yet , I get afraid.


A humble yet firm prayer 🙏

I have had enough. And I don’t need this anymore. I think it’s time, I need to know things. Various things, all things , that quench my thirst. I confidently demand, to grant me visions to see what’s ME?? what is within me, and, what is beyond me??

Shed light Mother, Help me to be able to bring my soul and body in one place. Let them unite for, without this unison, I will never be able to live this beautiful gift of life. I want to pass this knowledge to the coming generations . I want to have an answer for them;

what truly is life??

With this, I lovingly request you to unfold your true self to me. I deserve it now. I thought, I have spent half of my life searching for me, and for you too. But now I understand, the search was only for you. I am nothing but a small part of you. Without knowing you, how can I ever find ME. SO, please……..,,,,,,,……

Unfold yourself to me. Help me to find me. My soul craves for your touch. YOU and only YOU can quench the thirst of whatever I have been searching till now.

.. the next coming thirty years, I want to live a life of full consciousness. I want to know the reason of my every breathe. The purpose of living each and every second. Let Ignorance be a thing of the past, from now on , let knowledge be my only sword.

What he asked me to do; a Contract to be executed fairly by us, both.

GOD is the creator, He created you

He is powerful, so, why aren’t you??

If you are a part of his creation, You are immensely powerful too.

If a poet can’t be separated from his poetry. If a painter cannot be separated from his painting. How are you different from him? Every creation is dear to his creator, And, so my friend. ARE YOU.

Everything I do, is made to be done by me from a Supreme Power. I am just a puppet who needs to remain attentive so as to acknowledge his voice of his and act accordingly. ….and act the very moment it echoes in my ears. PROCRASTINATION is a big no no. An evil.

OVERTHINKING is not my job.

GOD does that for me. He asks me to act only as per and as under his guidance. AND, ACT I WILL .

I am not that capable of handling the task of thinking. Whenever I do, a mess I create always.

I have hands and legs to work.

I have brain to catch and understand his language

I have heart to connect with him.

I have eyes to witness all his miracles.

I have ears to listen to his call.

These are what I am meant to do.

Thinking,planning,fear,obstacles etc etc are not what I am good at.

These craps are his business to handle. He is powerful and capable. He is the Supreme. Our guardian. He is Whole and Complete.

I am just a part of HIM.

And as being a part of HIM, I am also powerful. I am also capable. But my work is pre designated. I entered a contract with HIM before my incarnation here.

I am sent here to do my part 100% and I will do it. The rest I will leave to HIM.

I have faith in HIM ; HE, fulfilling his part of the contract. As I am doing my part faithfully. So, have faith in him. He won’t ever let you down.

Remember, faith dissolves DOUBT.

Faith brings miracles. Doubt robs your rights.

Manifestation, in my language is {doing your 💯 and leave God to do his. Develop Faith, kill Doubt. }. This ☝️☝️above is the formula of getting whatever you desire. This is manifesting for me.

My duties:

@ Act. @ Not to overthink. @ Not to fear. @ Develop faith. @ To see dreams and have desires. @ Meditate

We live a life of 98% miracles &. Only 2% reality. Trust me in this.

Love, DS.

Big things in a little line ❤️❤️


When you get what you want.

#What is LUCK?

When you can manifest what you want.

#How you MANIFEST?

When you lack doubt.

#When you lack DOUBT?

When you accept the existence of THE POWER.

#When do you accept that POWER?

When you meditate.

#How MEDITATION works??

It concentrates your power not letting it go scattered.

#What happens when the power is concentrated??

You know what is right and what is not.

#What happens when you know what’s right or wrong??

You become intuitive enough to make the right act at right time.

#And what it does??

Fear of uncertainty and insecurity never visits your home.


Friend, you get settled in life. You are done. What more you want??

Love, DS

(I will elaborate every points in details in my coming blogs. And I swear I won’t imitate any repeated versions. Every single thing is my experience as my life is 99% miracles and 2% act)

Falling is the key to rising

In life, When you fall for something —— is the moment, you stand for yourself.

When we fall for something; we give our everything to it. Our belief, our energy, our time , our soul and what not. Irrespective of that thing, whether good or bad, we start learning to fight for it. To protect it. And in this process of fights, arguments, laughs, cries, we learn to maintain our sanity and hold our ground. And every day we learn and we grow and grow more stronger. We evolve.

Falling for something is not an easy go. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea. It needs great courage to throw yourself out there open. It’s a risk of getting exposed into the bitter side of life . But It’s always better to fall for something and then rise for ourselves, rather than living a neutral no investment life.

Life purpose

“People bursting with life don’t need a purpose to live their lives. Life is a purpose unto itself “.

By, Sadhguru

Then why there are so many of articles relating to finding out our life purposes. it claims big, once you find your true life purpose, you won’t ever feel lost again. What are those innumerable tarot readings just to show our life purpose.

All bullshit?????

These lines of Sadguru really made me dive deep today because I am also one of them who searches google to find the life purpose I am meant to serve. I am feeling like an idiot today.


Finding a great job, a perfect relationship, a family and all these issues are just a small part of the big picture called LIFE.

By whatever ways you need to pull yourself till the end, do it., but never make any of those a compulsion. For you a highly paid job works, but for the other simply sitting in the nature may seem to be more important. You need a perfect family to make yourself happy but that other person may prefer loneliness. Whatever it is. … if it’s making you happy, it’s perfect.

Remember again, the only purpose we all got is this LIFE. To make it to its end with smiles and celebrations. What way you choose, is entirely up to you.

So, till you are bursting in life, no need to certify what’s big and what is small, what’s black and what is white …

Because we all are going towards the same end——DEATH.

If we all have the same end then it’s also very simple to understand that we all have a single life purpose and that is LIFE.

Rest isn’t important.

Thank you 🙏


How Destiny changes

Your thoughts changes your destiny. When you change the course of your thoughts, you change your habits which in turn changes your actions. And when you change your actions, your destiny is obviously changed. When one doesn’t make any changes in his thoughts, how can he change his actions .With the same actions he will end up with the same results . ————-Krishna, MAHABHARATA.