I must start this by thanking Aieshi Jain for nominating me for this RECOGNITION award.. She thought me capable enough to have the same and so, I am accepting it with utmost gratitude and love.. It’ll be unfair if I fail to mention how honored I feel for having received it from such a talented girl like her. I appreciate her being with me, guiding me from the beginning of my journey in WP… Thanks AJ..

I am sure she’s not unfamiliar to this family and my words cannot justify her works.. she’s the queen of imagination.. her writing has a quality of freshening up your mood…Just check her out, don’t trust meπŸ˜€

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1) I am new in this journey myself. Just completed two months of it. So what I can advice is….Trust yourself, be yourself, carry your own style…..Write from your heart.. Whatever you do let it be from your heart…..For what you sent from your heart surely reaches other hearts…..

2) for newcomers who don’t know exactly why they are here, then trust me…..Once your place is created, just jump in.


3) Never get disappointed if your initial posts fail to reach your expectations…Trust me, you will improve in your every post…it may be a slow game, but hold your feet strong….For slow and steady wins the race.

4) Its a long journey. Just write and write….But don’t forget to read others..Provide your feedback.. Positive, negative anything…Enlarge

5) Don’t start a blog if the aim is to please others. Just don’t do it for others..Blog is about you and not others.. ……









There’s no story. I am introvert as hell. I talk but am very selective in it. I read a lot. I thought of writing something, anything. I carry many opinions, problems, solutions within me.. so just trying to pen them down. Every post carries within it many memories, just gathering them in my treasures.. In-between them I have found some very interesting and lovable personalities, just want to keep them near my heart always..Now, I am addicted in this family and love every members in it… Its a great feeling… That’s it… Let’s see.









Awkward moment πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ

Hello, WP fellows…..

You all must have known by now that today’s one word prompt is “awkward”….

This word holds a very special place in my life.. Infact, I won’t be wrong if i say, the first english word I may have learned was ‘awkward’ itself… My life started with it, going with it and I am very sure it’ll end with it as well… I mean how can I be so awkwardly awkward… I have hardly any memory which is not awkward.. I feel so ashame of myself sometimes..Okayy!!!! “most of the times” sounds more honest.

I want to share just one little incident, and you will have a fair picture of meπŸ˜₯……

My first day of school….Yes! first day..I was 5 or 6 yrs old, approx….Take it whatever you want to as I don’t want to calculate figures right now… So, I was admitted to class 1 section f…. Yes, it was a big, strict and disciplined missionary one.. my parents went to see me off those big grilled gates…From wherein ‘aayas’ took our responsibilities to make us reach our respective classes..So I went inside my class to my assigned bench…Then suddenly I heard the thunderous sound of a bell, I was soooo soooo nervous, I can see and feel everything crystal clear….Oh yesss!! I can smell it too!,πŸ˜—πŸ˜—πŸ˜™…Then I saw everyone starting to make a line in some peculiar weird pattern. I was confused and shy to ask.. So decided to act smart and went to stand in that line..After few seconds, the line started to move and I with it went ahead blankly and DUMBLY..After I stepped out of my class I realized… ooouu its moving to a large large play ground.. so, it’s prayer time..

Oh GOD..It was a never ending prayer..I was just 6 yrs old tiny dumb soul….

Suddenly thudd!!! thudd!!!! and some more thuddsss!! πŸ˜’πŸ˜’

Students started to fall on the ground….They fainted and I started my own silent prayer to give me enough strength to remain standing throughout the prayer…God knows I didn’t understood any words of it….. Except it was unnecessarily long…..Killer long….killherrrr long!!!!😨😨😨😡😡😡😡

Prayer ended though….

Then, again the lines started criss crossing one another in some weird pattern ,

(I can neverr forget that long tiring never ending morning…I thought prayers before starting our day was a way of meditating to have a calm mind to spend the day..But here every bit of energy was being sucked up in the name of morning prayer.. only strong enough kids survived the whole procedure…Rest went thudd ..thuddsssss)…

Atlast, my line entered a room …The class looked similar but somehow I wasn’t able to find my belongings, bag and bottle.

It was like the whole sky crashed in my head. My vision blurred as hot tears filled my eyes…I couldn’t afford to cry because I feared all will start laughing and taunting and I will end up being the laughing stock in that school for the rest of the years…I was bloody shy enough to ask anyone……….My mother’s face came before my eyes, I missed the familiar sight of my home..I was sure I will never again be able to see my family…..For I was lost, I was lost in this big bad world….


Now, since I couldn’t cry or ask for any help ,I thought of my next step.. I quickly examined the last benches and to my relief I found the last bench empty……I acted smartt😎😎

I sat there quietly like I didn’t exist..And waited for the day to end….I didn’t had any idea what was happening…….no roll calls, no bag or books, just empty handed I sat waiting and waiting for the day to end……… It didn’t mattered, and that was the best thing right then😴😴😴……………

Then finally, I don’t remember exactly after how many eras, my,.πŸ˜’ ……their classes finished with the same thunderous bell… That’s one of the sweetest sound I have heard in my entire life…That precious saving bell sound…πŸ‘»πŸ‘»……..I followed every one again in that same pathetic line and went out of the gate of that monstrous building…I saw my father standing outside with a big smile and a two- in- one cup ice cream in his one hand….That was my first awkward moment in my life …And then awkward moments kind of became my best friends….They never failed to knock my doors….

When dad saw my big rolling tears and knew the reason behind them he quietly handed me the ice cream and went inside to fetch my belongings,.. after a while he came out with my treasures and a teacher as well…He talked something with her and she was looking at me throughout the talk….I hated him and her and that school …… Then we silently went to home..Had my lunch and went to bed….In the evening, my mom revealed the mystery….. that my bag was lying ownerless the whole day in class 1 and I spent the entire clueless day in class 2…………I was so ashhaammeeeddddd ………………

It was such an awkkwarrrdddd momennttttt….

She asked me how and when did it happened????

But I preferred to remain silent..What could I have said? πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™‰πŸ™ŠπŸ™Š.. that you gave birth to the dumbest girl ever and for that you deserve a prize…Or, you should have ate more cashews, badams,milk, ghee etc when you were pregnant…Why you did this to me???~?Sob sob..😭😭😭😭

But I fought within me to remain to remain silent.😯

For, The truth is , till now I don’t know exactly where I missed my line and entered someone elses……..I think it was somewhere in between going for the prayer or coming back to the class……..

This is how dumb I was …..

My first day of education..My first day of school….

Love and Regards


Finally, it’s over…..

I can sense it.

The air around,

The way it surrounds

My heart in its every beat

Yes, I do sense it.

I can see it.

Greys turning into white

Clouds moving

Opening above the sky wide

Oh I so do.

I can hear it.

In a distance near

Sound of a conch

Signing off this war

So clearly I do hear.

Don’t worry, its over!

You have fought for long

proving your ground strong.

Now it’s time to rest.

Passed are those cruel test.

I know!!

Son, I do know it well

You have risked your everything

To bell a cat

On the edge of a knife,

throughout you sat.

Calm your nerves,

For you have traveled all the curves.

As I know the end is here

I feel the vibes,

Smell of victory flowing in the air.

You have faced enough

Crying inside but pretending tough

Passing dear ones doubting glances rough.

Oh, it’s hard walking alone..

Don’t worry,

Trust me, the end is here.

The universe is just conspiring

To lead you while inspiring.

To a place, known as the apex.

She knows better

That you are the one.

She’s testing you in every matter.

She’s making u go through hell

So that you have a story to tell

Stop crying! You did it!

In this war, you offered your every bit.

The universe is bound to bend

defeated, to offer her helping hand.

I sense, it’s over…….

Just sign it off with a victorious end….

Youth is power..Youth a hope…..

We have a responsibility….

A responsibility towards our children…..

And a sincere one it must be..

For they are our promised tomorrow..

And their todays shouldn’t be wasted in any kind of sorrow..

I feel sad when I see classes in privilege..

Why can’t we just do something to drag it out of the edge..

If childrens are nearest to God, then

let’s take a step to discourage this dreadful sacrilege.

Lets for once, do something so that thay too can avail those privilege.

To see those tiny little hands beg, is a sight so painful

A struggle daily for just to eat a handful,

Can there be any other sight as shameful ?!!

And here we talk about making a country super powerful….

But don’t you realize, the power is Youth….you ignorant fools!!!

You are the one who talks about youth power, a better tomorrow??

Look!! Realize!!

This is our actual today and a hungry tomorrow…

See those little dirty feets , they are way too busy in meeting their basic needs.

And you promise on behalf of them ; they’ll perform great deeds?…..

Who are you??

How do you dare??

Sitting in your comforty chairs, are you really aware??

Aware of what hunger is?

Aware of what means to stay alive?

If you really mean what you say

Then dare take a chance, give it a try, live it their way…

Come on! make a dive..

Feel their pain, feel what they gain.

If you really care for a better tomorrow

Try find a way to erase their sorrow.

Dream big , act big….Don’t care to choose paths narrow..

Open your heart, then only you may see a difficult but yet the right path.

To make a happy and prosperous nation..

It’s very important to ensure healthy and fulfilled childhood to be its embarking station…

Why can’t we give it a try? ….

A try to build a strong nation.

Let’s start taking each baby step with great responsibility and a true passion……

I truly think :

To build a strong nation, its very essential to have strong roots..

To make a better tomorrow, we must focus on our today…….

And today is our children. Today’s children are our tomorrow’s youth…..

Youth is power. Youth is strong.

Youth is our backbone , we need to make it strong….

Let’s make our children happy and healthy…

A happy childhood will generate a strong youth. A strong youth will lead the path towards a developed nation filled with happiness and prosperity…

Majority of our population are youths…. What do you think?

.. Don’t you think so?????,😢😢

There is Magic!!!!!!

I too am human,

Swaying between stress and unnecessary tension..

I too love to smile,

But sometimes to reach it I have to walk some extra miles..

I too crave to have a peaceful sleep,

But with every minute of the growing darkness, with anxiety my mind is burried deep..

I too long for a life like some blushy tree…

But my continuous knocking worries never allows my head to move free..

I am so stuck in my life….

Sometimes it really gets hard to remain sane.

With every dreams been shattered, driving me insane..

I have no choice than to remain dumb and blank.

I wonder from where on this earth to gain back a single faint ray of hope

For my heart is losing itself, it’s really becoming very hard to cope.

To put parts together, to stand again to continue the life’s game.

As I can’t anymore see anything , I stand here alone with an injury lame.

My body’s paralysed, can’t struggle for any act…

Everything’s jumbled up ; a chaotic mind, nowhere to get..

In this darkness, lost and heavy I stand..

Helplessly staring; wishing everything to find its end.

Now I realize, the power of the Lord….

Clearly I do now visualize the light of God…..

..something in me is still alive to have with him a last word..

With teary eyes and folded hands, I fall hard on the ground….

I realize the power of God, to end this never ending round..

Prayer seems the only way out,

O God! Will you help me if I shout out loud.

With my vision blurred, I am lost.

Life sometimes seems to come at its own ferocious cost.

O lord!

I stand here defeated in front of you.

O lord!

I wholly surrender myself to you

Every part in me screaming to start everything new….

And now my heart feels a little light

Surrendering before you, by losing the fight.

I realize the power that lies in a prayer….A power to show a clear sight.

At this crucial point of time, even though, here I stand alone

And everything I possessed is long gone…..

And again I stand before you naked in an empty zone….

I am at a point ‘zero’

I know I have to start afresh…

Strength is what I beg,….For I know the traits of a hero..

Hope is what is truly needed to stand in our feet….

Without it, we are lost…with ourselves we are unable to meet..

Losing hold in ourselves is in itself a great tragic..

To witness the power of God, you need to have an immense belief in magic…

I believe, whenever one finds himself in a situation where everything is lost, a point from where there seems to be no hope… Then at that particular moment, only one door seems open…And that’s the door of HOPE ….The door of magic it is…. And that single door is capable enough to shower us strength and drag us out from all darkness and the never ending blankness....

Just trust is what is needed from our side…. BELIEVE IN THAT DOOR, BELIEVE IN MAGIC AND ALWAYS BELIEVE IN GOD……………..

A hero……

I see a man, a warrior in disguise.

Struggling for his dream, a story of a wise..

I have seen him naked, many hungry nights he survived.

And there doesn’t lingers a hint of pain, in those tired yet expectant eyes..

For he saw a dream and for that he always strived.

A dream that makes him shine, that always kept him revived….

I have seen him rise , I have seen him fall.

But I haven’t seen him lose his focus or never have he raised a doubt.

For he is a man in million, always manages to stand tall.

And nothing came as powerful that could shatter his hopes.

For he says, there’s still a mile to go, no point in resting till he arrived.

I have seen people mocking at him, laughing the way in which he dreamed…

Neither those wry grins nor any hardships had the power to move him, it seemed.

For he can’t afford to lose his game , till he crossed those unseen miles…..

I have never heard him complaint about the miseries and his life.

It never mattered whether he stood upon roses or on the edge of a knife.

Oh! He is a hero like I have never ever before seen …..

For he knows how to fight, to catch a dream however difficult may it seem..

I am a witness in his war where he bleed a thousand times, a tough situation he has always been.

I wish I were a writer and I could engrave him in words….

He is whole in himself and much mightier than any swords.

I would have tried to show you all, the glow, a victorious aura that always rode by his side….

For everything he do, he does it with an immense pride..

He is an achiever of his own kind, never thought twice in taking a wild ride.

He is a believer of his dreams,

He is a brave hearted soldier, always ready to burn himself for the sake of other….

Ohh!!! He is my hero…

My life, My centre……

He is my lovely father.

Ring and dream

Summer winter autumn spring

I waited seasons for that precious ring.

Without it my life’s confused, can’t decide which song to sing

Oh, that God Damn ring !

Is it that needed for a perfect happy beginning?

Oh that silly round ring !

My mother says I need it soon.

My father adds, without it life’s a doom

My neighbors don’t stop prying.

I am surprised

They’re never tired trying….

Trying hard to fix a match….

They say, eligible grooms are hard to catch….

O please! Do give a break

I am just 18, I don’t think it’s too late.

Now just ‘STOP’!!! , stop finding me a match.

Take a rest and loosen up your straps ,

For I am not gonna fall for that life imprisonment trap.

I don’t care if it’s diamond, plat or gold.

I am not a piece to be sold.

And how much attempts you all make, from bribing gifts to preparing cake……

I have grown up enough to realize, what’s real and what’s a fake.

I have dreams, a lot to catch….

If life’s a game, I need to win this match.

I just have one life to live, and I’m gonna live it all.

I am not afraid of the coming storms, no strike can make me fall.

Don’t give me those low looks nor try discourage me, just because

I am a GIRL……

But I’m proud so to be..

Don’t misjudge me to be a burden,

Throw me in any test, I am to rise and that’s a certain.

Don’t handle me with care, for I too own a big fat share…

A share in the world, where you wish to dominate.

Where power speaks louder, but values are given no rate.

I too am capable to wear your shoes; but it’s value that I don’t want to lose…

I will make my own journey, and very well know what to choose…

Don’t dare throw me those dirty looks nor do try mess with me,

Just because I am a ‘girl’?

No, that won’t ever be.

Yes I am a GIRL,

And I certainly am proud to be……………..