Hope is light…

Darkness is waiting

at the door

For that single opportunity

to enter and cover it all…….

He thinks he’s smart enough

To have himself slip in

And cover our sun

To make ourselves his inn….

he thinks

that stupid we stand

To just let him in..

To erase our past

And our present so fast….

Tell him someone,

That door will never get a crack

And if it does

We will find a way to fix

And bring it back to track….

Tell him the night is short

Birds are waiting to chirp

Flowers to bloom

The nature not yet ready to be stopped….

Holler in his dark ear

That hopelessness doesn’t imply death

And depression the end..

He’ll have to wait there forever

Where he now stands

For the night is very short..

To let the darkness dwell……..


Since ages….

Since ages it has been stretched like this

To have a girl you shy away

But to have a boy you consider it to be a bliss.


You raise a girl as if she’d be a burden

Giving her scanty of everything

Fearing her screams may leap out of that dark curtain.

————————————————–But for the son, scene is the reverse other

Infront of her eyes, with an excuse lame..

You go on adding unnecessary bills one on top of another.


What makes you think that? Why do you do so?

I wanna ask you mother, for we are same the gender

Have you forgotten your own journey, that you make me feel an offender.


Can you hear what you say or see what you do?

You are destructing the basics in me….

Is this the example, you show the world to be?


Don’t forget me oh dear….

For this is a country..A country we call mother

Where we worship feminine power

Look at me oh dear mother…

I am too a part of her, which you don’t care to bother…….

For when you neglect me, I may be hurt

But I promise you, I am loved by that supreme other….

Pain of a lost love…

I remember you

And my heart pinch.

A pin penetrating deep….

Inch by inch.

The hole may seem insignificant

But the throbbing pain

That my body gains

Only i can tell.

A curse upon me through a spell.

Here I lie cold in this damp floor

Remembering you again.

I wish your memory vanishes

As you did.

I have tried every potions

To get you rid.

Your file has been deleted

My brain doesn’t accepts your name..

Your memories have long evaporated

But my eyes still rains……

When I remember you…

My heart pinch

Like a pin penetrating deep

Inch by inch……..

Away from God is Away from you….

Hello fellows,

The topic I am to share today is what actually I have been going through since a couple of month. Since, childhood I have been a tough kind, hard to crack type girl. I had and still have lots of questions in every situation. My mind a constant running wheel that never agrees to settle down. Amongst many issues, the topic of God always fascinates me. I had loads of questions about him in my childhood. And most of the time the query ended up in scolding as it started hurting their belief system…….And so, i stopped asking them and started developing my own belief system.

Now, am married and have a 2 yr old beautiful girl. My life a hectic cycle where 24 hrs seems nothing. And particularly since this past couple of months, I am losing control over everything. I am just constantly running, shouting over my super active child. I am not having time for myself. And in this constant busy chaotic schedule, I am moving far away from God each and every moment. I don’t get any spare time to spent in front of God. My meditations have stopped.. I am moving to a zone where I don’t know myself.. Peace is absent.

I am not a strict rule following believer of God. Never have I been. But, i have always managed to have my space shared with God. I just close my eyes for few minutes and think of him and I am rejuvenated and all Sorted out. I feel alive, hopeful, content and most importantly happy. This few minutes of connection daily is enough for me to stay strong and face life energetically..

Now, neither I get time nor a peaceful mind to think of him. And with this slowly I am feeling like a lost child.

Now, actually and in real sense I realise the power of God. To be connected with him, you do not have to give loads, just a few moments daily for him is enough . Those few moments are more than enough to strengthen you inside out. That’s the power of the Supreme in our lives.. Cutting out those few moments from our daily lives makes us lose control of the connections we have with him and our own selves…

Guys, prayer is very important. Connection with the Supreme is very essential for our own development and well being..

I hope to be back in track very soon and I miss the connection with him too. Have you felt the way I am at this moment? Please , do comment.

A praise can kill

Dangerous can be a praise,

For the meaning can be hideous.

Embarrassing can be a praise,

For it reveals your generosity and my stupidness….

Some say, keep it up for you write good…

Who knows, what I go through when I write that good…..

Embarrassment starts enveloping me…

You can see my cheeks blush..

For, from where I stand

I see you wearing a crown of perfectness…

Masterpiece is what you create.

Every word perfecting its line..

Every line highlighting your calmness..

And your calmness describing your aura….

Oh, you are so perfect.

So different and disciplined than I stand.

I am a wild soul, knowing no boundaries..

Chains can’t bound me..

For wilds can’t be tamed nor trained.

My feelings has no beginning nor any end.

My body is an image of mistakes, I never care to mend.

My words just naive as me…

My incapabilities of figuring out the right words…

My words just as raw as me..

Nothing can hold tight my hand..

My feelings just roam in every ends..

I am just a tiny ray, if you be the sun.

I just try to light a candle, where you are firing the gun ..

So don’t embarrass me..

For, I don’t deserve the praise.

My pen just knows to run..

The destiny doesn’t matters until the way is fun….

Sun Power

What does sun brings with him??

What does he takes down??

Every dawn, with his first golden ray

Touching the dark gloomy moist soil,

I feel as if a war I have just passed…

Where I Strived hard to not let my breath pass…

Where I fought hard to not drain out all my blood..

Yes, it took all to maintain my cool….

Yes, it took all to stand poised, where insanity overrules.

But then, those are the rays falling sharp and bright.

Like a sword tearing down every dark.

While turning every wrong a perfect right…….

Once again, heating up the dampened night,

And here I am

Gaining light and once more shining bright….

Ohh yess….

Sun brings hope, love, strength, belief, light, peace and a soul bright.

A rejuvenated body is what he gifts…..

And what does he takes down with him????

A fear starts dwelling in me as I smell the tired sun..

Oh, i get it.

Now again it’s my turn.

So keeping all aside, i agree to abide

A promise by me made to my sun.

And so I am ready from my side..

I have straightened my sword, held it tight.

Come on O darkness, here again, I’ll give you a tough fight…

Till I smell his golden sword…

I will strive hard to not let my breath pass..

I will fight hard to not drain out all my blood..

Every hope, belief, strength, starts evaporating with the drowning Sun……

A fear of dark, loneliness starts dominating my heart…..

But its ok, for it promises to accompany again…

To give back life, it will shine again.

Oh, its sad but its a fact.

He too needs his share of rest.

To perform again, to its best.

And so he decides to fade…

But with the promise to arrive again

With its sharp edge, to tear the darkness veil…

And with this, the wheel turns around..

When darkness prevails, the sun must drown….

For its the fight because of which we cherish what’s called light.

When I am ME , I am FREE๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿƒ

I am like that leaf

Who falls from a tree,

lying on the ground

after living its share of glorious round.

People may find me useless now…


For now, finally I don’t serve anymore.

I don’t have to share my identity

For now, finally…. I am me.

And, when I am me

I am free…

I am like that body dead,

Around whom people gathers with eyes sad…

For them, I am gone….

For me, I’m left with a new song.

Courage was long lost….

Life was just a carriage…

Where ego, pride, joy,gloom were the only luggage.

I’m at peace now,

To have left those unnecessary and meaningless baggages..

Now, people may judge me dead..

But, for me , I AM FREE.

For now, finally I AM ME….

No strings attached..

Nothing more I need to catch

I am fully in me

Oh, I was never so relaxed

Now, I understand that,

When I am me,

I am absolutely FREE..๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•