A praise can kill

Dangerous can be a praise,

For the meaning can be hideous.

Embarrassing can be a praise,

For it reveals your generosity and my stupidness….

Some say, keep it up for you write good…

Who knows, what I go through when I write that good…..

Embarrassment starts enveloping me…

You can see my cheeks blush..

For, from where I stand

I see you wearing a crown of perfectness…

Masterpiece is what you create.

Every word perfecting its line..

Every line highlighting your calmness..

And your calmness describing your aura….

Oh, you are so perfect.

So different and disciplined than I stand.

I am a wild soul, knowing no boundaries..

Chains can’t bound me..

For wilds can’t be tamed nor trained.

My feelings has no beginning nor any end.

My body is an image of mistakes, I never care to mend.

My words just naive as me…

My incapabilities of figuring out the right words…

My words just as raw as me..

Nothing can hold tight my hand..

My feelings just roam in every ends..

I am just a tiny ray, if you be the sun.

I just try to light a candle, where you are firing the gun ..

So don’t embarrass me..

For, I don’t deserve the praise.

My pen just knows to run..

The destiny doesn’t matters until the way is fun….


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