It’s a same story

When you stand to be strong

You are left all alone…

When you sail against the tide

Everyone leaves your side,

Prefering to continue..

Keeping you aside.

When you speak your mind

You are accused of being blind.

And you are the black sheep….

You are tagged a crazy bitch..

Ohh!!… ‘Glad to be a girl’..

In a planet where confused mind swirls..

Oh! come on!!!…

Women empowerment is just a formality..

In this illogical world, a pretense of morality…

For when you scream..

They call you mad.

And if you dream,

They consider it bad…

They draw you with wings..

Don’t get fooled.

For, wings aren’t for the flight.

Dont you see!

Birds too have wings.

But don’t they prefer them chained ?…

So, choose what you want.

Either be a girl or that bird..

To fly high, you don’t need those wings…

All you need is to roar..

When they try to chain your feet.


Odd is in…

There’s a beauty in a scream.

In a silent room with lights dim.

To understand what I mean.

Ask the ones who dream..

They are the Dreamers, the Screamers…

They are the unfitting ones,

The mismatched souls…

They don’t learn to walk

They prefer the run…

They dont believe in steps

They prefer a jump…

Risk is their crown…

Life a gamble.

They dont fear to have an escape narrow.

A shaky today and an unseen tomorrow…..

Doesn’t have time weeping in sorrow…

They prefer to sail in tide high

They sail their ship against the wind.

They prefer to swim against the tide..

In the darkest of dark,

They are ready for their drive…

I see them hero…

The world may call them naive.

What’s life? ….

……if its a straight line..

Waking up fresh, and

ending with a fine dine..

I prefer a curvy one…

Surprising me with its height tall..


Shaking me with its sudden fall..

Ohh., there’s sure a beauty in a scream…

In a silent room with lights dim..

Thank you

A big fat book…

Life’s a book, a fat one,. Nothing more it seems to me.

It’s a novel in itself, . if you want it to be.

Starting from the beginning,. crawling towards it’s end.

Inhaling air is it’s first page,. and afterwards…………………… road starts to bend.

Within these pages does everything lies, Nothing else is no where else.

In-between comes many phase,. Sometimes we give up, mostly we choose to chase……

Chase for what? Who seems to know?

Perhaps a dream, a dream unseen…

Passing through some happiness and endless sorrows.

Every life sings the same story…..

After many loses comes a mini victory.

Let’s not lose hope as,. there’s nothing with which one can’t cope.

Time has that supreme power.

you won’t get a penny before that destined hour.

Some are making and the rest faking

Still this journey is worth taking,

Never try to shut this book,. not before having the last page’s look.

It’s an insane tale and you never know what may the next page cook.

Lets consume these pages, shut the book,

Taking pride in this journey no matter what it took…….


When you feel…….

You are fading away

to an unknown zone.

Unable to hold that identity

in which you stand.

When every being encircles you

with an energy strong.

Highlighting you of being wrong.

Making you lose whatever you had.

You feel alone, abandoned and mad…

Everything surrounding you is a canvas sad..

Where every bone is cracked..

No glue to fix those joints…

That’s the apex, the ultimatum point…

The point from where the darkness dwells…

A wish to end it all before it further swells…………………………………….

But what….What if,

if you see a hand

A hand enough strong to drag you out….

From that darkness’s land.

Throws a light to show the tunnel’s end.


Trust baby,

Give your hands …..

See the magic it shows..

Those hands is what I call …


A feeling where everything seems nothing..

And nothing seems everything..

A feeling that will take you high

Every pain you’ll forget, and

Every sad memory erased.

Ohh baby!

That’s what I call is “LOVE”

A prayer

Every morning I lit a lamp

In front of God, with eyes damp.

A prayer, I whisper

In air, it lingers.

I don’t beg, I lack the art.

Please consider ….

For not being that smart.

I am tired in this world of masks.

With a true heart so, I do ask..

Will you be with me in an hour dark?

Burdened is my life with errands gross.

A desert in blazing fire,

I have to cross.

I need you,

Oh!! So much I do.

Beside me, With me

Yes! All over me.

No, not like a shadow.

For it vanishes in dark..

But like a light, showin me path.


Feel free to show me your hell.

Rip my soul,

Drag me out of my shell.

I welcome you to decide my fate.

Bless me a chance or endorse me late.

But be kind enough…

Not to leave me cold…

I have tasks to perform..

Can’t afford the luxury of being old.

I am to stand……

To finish all till it’s end……….

So I lit a lamp with eyes damp..

For you, O Lord!!

To pass through every odds….

Guide me to end my road.

I want to rest, in my final bed

Where the roses are laid,

In arms of yours as you have said…..

But before that,I know..

The price needs to be paid…


And so, I lit a lamp

With my eyes damp

A prayer is whispered

In air it lingers………..

Black is beauty, a truth harsh…

Confused seems the mind.

Scared to locate

What’s wrong and what’s more right?

Novice acts the mind

Hard to grasp

Whether it’s sophisticated or total naive?

I hear black replicates darkness, a long tunnel of never-ending voidness.

And white is the soul of purity, where rides the glorious divinity.

Then why ?

Intensely appealing does that black seem …and white a mere blank paper sheet.

Black is mystery, black is strong..

It feels so right, I can’t take it to be wrong.

Black is the sunset song within every soul.

Black’s the point from where one starts, and

Black is where all will end..

Without black there stands no white

It’s the colour of brave, who dares and fights.

Black is no evil, Black’s no dark.

If u understand, it has its own spark.

Black is harsh , black is raw

Black is truth….a truth untold

A mystery hidden in dark, refusing to unfold.

I love black ,

and so am ready to consume your flak.

And if black be a sin,

I am so ready to be in…..

Don’t preach me good

For I am nothing but a sinful human…..

In this temporary land of inhumans..

I too need to make a survival

I can’t care to hide behind that goodness veil….

So….leave me or brief me…..

My song is fixed…..

My heart goes for black..

And there’s no one i need to please..

Thank you..


I write……

I write because that’s the only thing that can make me smile,

When everything around demands me to shut down.,

I write because that’s the only thing that can make my cry,

When my eyes are left dry unable to find the moist to release my heavy heart.,

I write because that’s the only thing that can pour my soul out in a simple fragile paper,

When am forced to perform the act of hypocracy with people I hardly care anymore.,

I write because this is the only thing that makes me realize my freedom,

When all my near and dear onez tries hard enough to bind me in every possible Shackles.,

I write because there’s no one to stop me writing.

Yes! My friend…….

I only write because there’s nothing else i can ever do better…

I wrote whenever I was left crying,

I wrote whenever I was blessed with a reason to celebrate,

I wrote whenever I felt life,

I wrote whenever I felt void..

I just wrote and m still here writing…..

  • The beauty of writing is not about perfecting grammer or knowing any language. The beauty of writing is simply the ability to release your burderned heart…

So always feel free to ignore judgements if you want to feel the beauty and power of writing..

Thank you💕