Away from God is Away from you….

Hello fellows,

The topic I am to share today is what actually I have been going through since a couple of month. Since, childhood I have been a tough kind, hard to crack type girl. I had and still have lots of questions in every situation. My mind a constant running wheel that never agrees to settle down. Amongst many issues, the topic of God always fascinates me. I had loads of questions about him in my childhood. And most of the time the query ended up in scolding as it started hurting their belief system…….And so, i stopped asking them and started developing my own belief system.

Now, am married and have a 2 yr old beautiful girl. My life a hectic cycle where 24 hrs seems nothing. And particularly since this past couple of months, I am losing control over everything. I am just constantly running, shouting over my super active child. I am not having time for myself. And in this constant busy chaotic schedule, I am moving far away from God each and every moment. I don’t get any spare time to spent in front of God. My meditations have stopped.. I am moving to a zone where I don’t know myself.. Peace is absent.

I am not a strict rule following believer of God. Never have I been. But, i have always managed to have my space shared with God. I just close my eyes for few minutes and think of him and I am rejuvenated and all Sorted out. I feel alive, hopeful, content and most importantly happy. This few minutes of connection daily is enough for me to stay strong and face life energetically..

Now, neither I get time nor a peaceful mind to think of him. And with this slowly I am feeling like a lost child.

Now, actually and in real sense I realise the power of God. To be connected with him, you do not have to give loads, just a few moments daily for him is enough . Those few moments are more than enough to strengthen you inside out. That’s the power of the Supreme in our lives.. Cutting out those few moments from our daily lives makes us lose control of the connections we have with him and our own selves…

Guys, prayer is very important. Connection with the Supreme is very essential for our own development and well being..

I hope to be back in track very soon and I miss the connection with him too. Have you felt the way I am at this moment? Please , do comment.


27 thoughts on “Away from God is Away from you….

  1. You are not at all away from God dear.. the moment you miss Him, instantly you get connected to that Super Being.. He isn’t satisfied in big and pompous rituals and sacrifices made for Him, but content in just a simple thought about Him.. not to worry.. He is with you, and that existence I could feel in your yearning to be with Him.. God bless.. πŸ˜˜πŸ’•πŸ˜‡πŸ’

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      1. I know this feeling all to well. Please don’t try to do everything or please everyone. Take some time out with baby and without baby. Sleep when baby sleeps. Don’t use that time to catch up on chores.
        You cannot pour from an empty cup.
        In those quiet moments, rare that they are, talk to God. He listens best.
        Then listen to yourself and be kind to yourself. It starts and ends with you. 🌻 🌺 😘

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  2. Oh I have been there….. trust me …… I know how it feels …..but it’s just a phase . God is within and always stays there ……it happens sometimes that because all the chaos in life we loose the connection but once the realization hits you start reconnecting. You will for sure be back on track

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  3. Life truly keeps us busy, we try to give God Undistracted devotion; but the busyness sometimes gets in the way. You’ve come to realize the most important thing, it not about how much time; but that you remember to get Him some precious moments of your from your heart! The journey is not about fulfilling a routine, but being faithful; with your heart! God bless, I will keep you in my prayers!

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  4. I have been there! During that period, I kept asking myself what’s wrong with me and I could feel God’s heart at that moment. I knew I had to get back on track before sin comes knocking at my door. So, I told my mentor at the whole thing and after some counselling and prayers, the connection came back and the fire was reignited! The truth is, God understands our frailties and when are flesh fails us, He is close by waiting for us to reach out to Him so he called strengthen us. Because His strength is made perfect in our weaknesses!! Grace!

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  5. I can relate with what you wrote . I grew up with a very religious mom and went to church . Now I am married. Have two adult kids went to church when they were younger then around the teenage time it was so hectic trying to get them to go and by the time Their I was so stressed I couldn’t do it anymore , now out of the habit of going but know what I believe in I pray every night and morning . May not be enough but this is me.

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